Meet the Healthcare Skills Training International Team

“Our aim is to guarantee the future of patient safety and the integrity of medical standards”

Healthcare Skills Training International is a dedicated group of healthcare professionals.  We aim to guarantee the future of patient safety and the integrity of medical standards through credible qualifications that meet all relevant legal, ethical and professional standards.  

All our programes are delivered by respected healthcare practitioners who have defining knowledge and experience in their particular field.  In addition to their designated professional qualifications, they hold certification in clinical education and have responsibilitites in their daily working lives that guarantee the information they impart is current, credible and relevant.

Founder & CEO

Diane Irvine

With more than 35 years’ experience in the healthcare medical devices industry, Diane worked for major multinationals whose products became market leaders in the UK and worldwide through technical innovation. Since 1989, Diane has focused on new surgical technologies and development of the required training courses for Healthcare Industry professionals, surgeons and clinical teams to support advances in surgical technique.

Founder & Director, HCSIZA (South Africa)

Cheryl Scholtz

Spanning a career of 31 years in medical devices, Cheryl’s roles included 11 years in Professional and Commercial Education.  Cheryl worked for a multi-national company and was the team lead to successfully implement the first, fully integrated, Learning Management System for EMEA.  Applying her philosophy “learning is a differentiator”, Cheryl is passionate about improving patient safety and patient outcomes through innovation and teaching.  As part of the team at Healthcare Skills Training, Cheryl has delivered bespoke Theatre Access training courses to more than 1200 Healthcare Industry Workers. With experience and qualifications to support Cheryl’s focus on developing clinicians and Healthcare Industry workers, namely; BTEC Advanced Professional Diploma in Clinical Education, BTEC Professional Diploma for Orthopaedic Healthcare Industry Professional, National Certificate Pharma Sales Representation, SAQA ETDP-SETA Skills Development Assessor, Facilitator and Moderator, Cheryl is highly motivated to lead the Healthcare Skills Training International team in South Africa.

Faculty Member & Clinical Lead, South Africa

Falethu Sukati

Falethu is a Consultant Orthopaedic surgeon, with a special focus on spinal surgery.  He is based at Steve Biko Academic Hospital, an academic hospital in Pretoria, South Africa and is affiliated with the University of Pretoria.  Falethu’s responsibilities include the teaching of undergraduate medical students and Junior Doctors. Always with a passion for education, Falethu’s first education role preceded his medical career.  After Falethu obtained his first degree, BSc from the University of KwaZulu Natal, he worked as a high school educator in mathematics and science and a chemical analyst. Therafter, Falethu obtained his MBChB. In 2021, Falethu completed his MMed (Orthopaedics) with the University of Pretoria, having based his research on cervical spine trauma.  Falethu became a Fellow of the College of Orthopaedic Surgeons (SA) in the same year. Falethu was recently appointed as a co-convenor of the final exam for the College of Orthopaedic Surgeons (SA).  Falethu successfully completed the Post Grad Diploma in Clinical Education in 2022 and is excited to join Healthcare Skills Training International in his role on the faculty as Clinical Lead.

Technical Operations, South Africa

Vusi Leeuw

Vusi Leeuw Vusi Leeuw is a versatile solutionist, who has helped organizations optimize and calibrate their systems to become more efficient in their operations. Primarily in the broadcasting space but not limited to that. Vusi has been in the media industry for more than 15 years and has served in various roles that broadened his technical and leadership capabilities. As a Tech Consultant, Vusi has been involved in various projects ranging from: • studio building • training and development • establishing multimedia departments • producing and hosting radio programmes • designing and integrating audio visual systems and conference systems • researching and developing of new broadcast and remote systems Vusi holds qualifications in Sound Engineering and Sales and Marketing.

Medical Director

Jacqueline Haughton

Jacki worked in the NHS for 38 years. She is a Birmingham University graduate, and was the first Colorectal – trained consultant surgeon appointed to her area in the early 1990’s, and developed local services during 21 years in post. She has a pragmatic and cost – effective approach to healthcare, rapidly expanding much-needed lower GI services by training nurses in extended roles as an ‘early adopter’ of the concept, early in her career. She introduced the role and trained nurse-colonoscopists in her region, and developed a ‘direct-to-test’ GP referral service before these were established in routine practice. Jacki has trained NHS medical and nursing post graduates for more than 40 years, and has taught all levels of healthcare professionals as a member of Healthcare Skills faculty since 2000.

Faculty Member and Clinical Adviser

Graham Sunderland

Graham retired from full time clinical activity in June 2015 and continues to be involved part time in appraisal and training to support the NHS. He has a long-standing interest in surgical education and training and continues to be active in the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons in Glasgow and Academy of Clinical Educators as a senior clinical educator. Graham was a member of the Patient Safety Board of the Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh and continues as a member of the Non-Technical Skills for Surgeons faculty. He is a past Chairman of the Joint Surgical Colleges Fellowship Examination board in general surgery.

Senior Clinical Adviser

Denise Cafarelli Dees

Denise began a career in clinical research, service, management and education in the field of communicative disorders at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation in the USA over 35 years ago. She has worked in both public and private healthcare, the medical device industry and taught at post-graduate degree level, as well as providing professional education. She has served as an assessor of clinical competence and as an external examiner for professional organisations, hospitals and universities in the USA, UK and Europe, Middle East, Africa, Latin America and Australia for surgeons and other clinical team members, as well as device industry professionals

The Team's Commitment

We ensure that the highest ethical, legal and teaching standards are maintained through the delivery of our qualification programmes.

All those who take part in our courses are able to legitimately demonstrate a level of competence that meets all relevant professional requirements.

The Team's Promise

  • A firm grasp of legal obligations in hospital and clinical settings
  • An ability to assimilate the expectations of other members of the clinical team
  • The acquisition of skills that will help to improve training approaches and skills to maximise clinical output
  • An understanding of detailed regulatory requirements and implications of medical device legislation
  • The potential to develop their skill sets to a level of medical device formal/corporate sign-off
  • An understanding of obligations relating to the sale of and correct patient use of medical devices and required reporting/record-taking
  • For those individuals working in medical device or pharmaceutical sectors, these criteria are critical to professional development
  • For those providing training within their corporate environments, these qualifications will improve and add value to the company’s instrument, device or service
  • The outcomes for those who successfully complete the courses are: An understanding of what constitutes best practice and key skills in a clinical environment


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