Benefits you will gain

The value you will receive from our training courses

Course completion means you can demonstrate a level of professional competence that guarantees patient safety and upholds medical standards, because our range of courses leads to externally validated, internationally recognised qualifications. 

HCSI provide a range of courses offering professional development for clinicians (doctors, dentists, veterinarians and their allied healthcare professionals) and bespoke, advanced, specialist clinical training.  We also deliver bespoke Medical Device Industry courses for Product Specialists.

  • In general, our training programmess follow a mixed learning format, which consists of a combination of live presentations, workshops, practical exercises and interactive sessions, either from our “live-virtual” classroom or during conventional face-to-face teaching. This mixed learning format is designed to be flexible to support your learning pathway.
  • Because Healthcare Skills Training International courses are accredited by EduQual, successful candidates receive a professional qualification which is universally recognised.
  • Our courses contain all the elements expected of validated adult learning, so you gain the knowledge, skills and behaviours to enhance your professional standing.  Our assessments include reflective and analytical accounts to enable you to adapt, apply and fully integrate your new training into your current practice.
  • Our Theatre Access course provides an understanding of the obligations relating to sale and correct use of technological products and their current regulations.  We use cutting edge technology to prepare you and fulfill all registration requirements.  This course is fundamental to the professional development and compliance of people working in the medical device sector.  Our course also ensures legal compliance of your employing organisation.
  • For those who provide training in their corporate environment, our qualifications will improve your training outcomes and give added value to your company’s product, equipment or service, to both patients and customers.

Main results

How Healthcare Skills Training courses benefit you:

For Clinicians:

  • Two-day immersive, engaging courses deliver effective learning to busy professionals
  • Accredited courses, universally recognised qualifications (may allow you to “top up”your degree to Masters level)
  • New training is easily incorporated into current practice for immediate impact
  • Increased confidence in your professional roles – as educator, director, strategic planner, clinical leader
  • Signal your readiness for more senior roles and responsibility
  • Demonstrate commitment to continuous education and professional development on your curriculum vitae
  • Learn to manage patients and colleagues more skilfully and better navigate your hierarchical profession
  • Extend your clinical skills and reach them by obtaining a qualification in remote consulting
  • Develop your resistance to burn-out and loss of confidence at work through Healthcare Skills International’s  “at your own pace” course with 1-to-1 coaching sessions:  “Resilience:  Turbocharge your every day”

For Medical Device Industry Professionals:

  • Add practical skills to enhance employer’s training in medical products and procedures
  • Develop skills to train medically qualified clinicians, enhancing credibility and supportive value in the operating room
  • HC Skills International promotes means designed to establish a contractual relationship between the hospital and representatives of the health products and technologies industry, uniting all parties in the same obligations and ethical standards
  • Develop your resistance to burn-out and loss of confidence at work through Healthcare Skills International’s “at your own pace”course with 1-to-1 coaching sessions:  “Resilience: Turbocharge your every day”

We also support:

  • Establishing National Occupational Standards for industry professionals accessing clinical areas
  • Moving towards a record of education and development for industry professionals
  • Recognition for the role played by industry professionals in developing and supporting safe and effective healthcare delivery for the betterment of patient safety and outcomes
  • An open discussion on the role played by industry representatives in clinical areas and on achieving applicable standards
  • An asssessment of risk when industry professionals are present in clinical areas


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