We ensure that the highest ethical, legal and teaching standards are maintained through the delivery of our qualification programmes.

All those who take part in our courses are able to legitimately demonstrate a level of competence that meets all relevant professional requirements.

The outcomes for those who successfully complete them are:

  • An understanding of what constitutes best practice and key skills in a clinical environment
  • A firm grasp of legal obligations in hospital and clinical settings.
  • An ability to assimilate the expectations of other members of the clinical team
  • The acquisition of skills that will help to improve training approaches and skills to maximise clinical output
  • An understanding of detailed regulatory requirements and implications of medical device legislation
  • The potential to develop their skill sets to a level of medical device formal/corporate sign-off
  • An understanding of obligations relating to the sale of and correct patient use of medical devices and required reporting/record-taking
  • For those individuals working in medical device or pharmaceutical sectors, these criteria are critical to professional development.

For those providing training within their corporate environments, these qualifications will improve and add value to the company’s instrument, device or service.


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