The value you will receive from our training courses

We offer programs to people working in the sector of technologies and healthcare products and who must be present in clinical risk areas to support surgical teams. These programs allow them to demonstrate a level of competence that guarantees patient safety and that medical standards are not compromised, professionally or legally.

  • In our courses, the highest ethical, legal and teaching standards are maintained.
  • Our qualifications are based on compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, are accredited and validated and meet the criteria established by professional bodies and other interested parties.
  • In general, the training programs follow a mixed learning format, which consists of a combination of online formats, in the classroom and practical exercises.
  • An understanding of the obligations related to the sale and correct use of technologies and health products and the presentation of the necessary reports / registers are fundamental for the professional development of people working in the sector of technologies and health products or in the pharmaceutical ,.
  • For those who provide training in their corporate environment, these qualifications will improve and give added value to the company’s product, equipment or service.
  • HC Skills is proud, in the pursuit of best practices, to have worked with some of the most important and recognized companies in the technology and healthcare products and pharmaceutical industries, as well as with the most important regulatory bodies.

HC Skills professional qualification programs are accredited by EduQual and available in various places in Europe.

The level of validation is professional and is configured to include reflective practices, analysis and application of knowledge in a specialized clinical setting.

Main results

All those who successfully complete one of our training programs will benefit in different ways:

  • Achieve a better position as a collaborator of the hospital’s medical team, providing value-added services.
  • Add practical skills to their own training on medical products and procedures.
  • They will be able to extend their professional training by obtaining recognized qualifications
  • Demonstrate to their employers their commitment to continuous education and professional development, as well as to the organization as a whole and to their colleagues.
  • Develop skills for training at the same level as surgeons / doctors, raising their relationships and sales position to new levels.
  • Improve their professional growth through the acquisition or development of teaching and training skills that meet the established requirements.

HC Skills International promotes means designed to establish a contractual relationship between the hospital and representatives of the health products and technologies industry, uniting all parties in the same obligations and ethical standards.

We also support for:

  • Establish mandatory training standards for industry representatives accessing clinical areas.
  • Move towards a professional record.
  • Recognition of the professional role played by industry professionals.
  • An open discussion on the role played by industry representatives in clinical areas and on applicable standards.
  • An assessment of the risks involved in the presence of industry representatives in clinical areas


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